We are a Business Advisory with more than 20 years of Professional experience.

Specialized consultancy in Small and Medium Enterprise, as well as in Self-employed. (Modules and Accounting).

At present we are in a position to manage the possible financial needs of your company, or to improve its conditions.

Specialized consultancy in the management of «Modules» before the Provincial Treasury.

We move to the company, if the customer needs it.

Specialists in obtaining and processing foreigners (Residence and Work Permits, both for own account and for others).

We offer a wide range of services, covering all the needs of the self-employed or corporate or legal entity. (S.C., S.L. S.A.).


  • Specialized Advice in Business of Hospitality and specifically in Bars and Restaurants.
  • Registration and / or Discharge of Companies in the Mercantile Registry and in I.A.E.
  • Incorporation, Modification and Dissolution of Companies
  • Presentation to Tax Agency and Mercantile Registry of Declarations and Accounting Books
  • Record Management Transmission Ownership Actions or other required
  • Verbal and Fiscal-Accounting Consultations
  • Processing of Subsidies and Autonomous and State Aid
  • Confection Business Contracts
  • Preparation and submission of periodic and annual declarations
  • Registration and / or Discharge of Physical or Legal Firms in IAE, Foral Estate, Tax Agency and Commercial Registry
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory tax returns Retentions Workers and Professionals, IVA, etc … (monthly, quarterly and annual summaries)
  • Study, preparation and presentation of Corporate Income Tax (IRPF)
  • Monitoring the evolution of your business, maximizing the use of existing tax benefits at any time, establishing an exercise budget and a feasibility plan and actions to be carried out
  • Tax advice on any taxable event that affects your business
  • Study and representation of tax claims, inspections, etc., before the Tax Office, Tax Agency and Administrations in general
  • Study, preparation and presentation of non-recurrent tax returns and requests for postponement of debts with Treasury or other necessary procedures
  • Tax advice and income management for professional athletes nationally and internationally
  • Tax optimization for professionals and freelancers (repairs, etc.) in general


  • Inspections, resources, leases and insurance
  • Formation of commercial and civil companies
  • Corporate changes
  • Legal assistance at shareholders ‘and partners’ meetings
  • Claims for quantity and insolvency
  • Intellectual Property and Data Protection
  • Family Business: Protocols, Law and Succession
  • Representation before Tax Administration and Court of Justice
  • Legal defense in Courts of Justice in the Civil, Commercial, Criminal.
  • Civil: Claims Amount, writing and advice on signing contracts, creditor contests, inheritances and wills …
  • Collective and individual dismissals, collective disputes, internal flexibility measures in the company, incapacities …


  • Employment Counseling
  • Employment and social security advice
  • Incorporation of company, for labor purposes
  • Formalizing work contracts
  • Affiliation to the different Social Security Regimes
  • Payroll and social insurance
  • Senior Management Relationships
  • Representation of the company before the Inspection
  • Interposition of labor and social security resources
  • Layoffs and employment regulation files
  • Representation of the company in acts of conciliation
  • Formalization of High and Low Parts and Variation of Workers Data
  • Drafting and Processing of Contracts and Extensions
  • Making Nominas, Extra Pay, Delays, Settlement
  • Annual Individual Workers’ Certificates for Personal Income Tax Return
  • Procedures Accident and Professional Illness before Mutua and S.S.
  • Proceedings Temporary Disability and Common Illness
  • Application Direct Payment Benefits I.N.S.S.
  • Preparation Bulletins TC-1 and TC-2 prices through RED System
  • Retention I.R.P.F. (Monthly, quarterly, annual summary)
  • Procedures Upper Initial Companies
  • Special Social Security Procedures (Autonomous, Agrarian)
  • Inspection Book Inspection Visits Labor Inspection
  • Custom Calendars
  • Application, monitoring and reporting on Collective Agreements
  • Verbal and Written Consultations in Socio-Laboral Matters
  • Annual Corporate Workplace Audit Reports
  • Legal representation and defense before official bodies


  • Financial and accounting advice
  • Preparation and presentation of Balance Sheets and Income Accounts
  • Accounting supervision and year-end closing
  • Balance Sheet Analysis and Economic-Financial Studies
  • Execution of accounting and tax records
  • Investment Analysis
  • Telematic presentation of all types of tax declarations related to business activity
  • Fulfillment of the accounting obligations to which your business is bound (accounting, books, records to be kept, etc.)
  • Accounting advice and resolution of accounting doubts
  • Completion, preparation and presentation of compulsory official books both in the Mercantile Registry and in Foral or State Treasury.
  • Completion, preparation and presentation of the annual accounts in the Mercantile Registry of Navarre and the State.
  • Periodic report of the situation of your business, analyzing strengths and weaknesses and advising you to seek improvement.


  • Mail collection and telephone assistance
  • Company information on incoming calls and faxes
  • Incoming documentation file